Father Herman Falke

Fr. Herman Falke
1992 to 2010

St. John's and St. Brigid's returned to the care of the Sacred Heart Fathers with the arrival of Father Herman Falke in 1992. Like his classmate Joe Eliens, Father Falke also came to Canada as a seminarian in 1952. He finished his studies at St. Peter's Seminary in London and was ordained a priest September 19, 1954, He soon graduated from the Ontario Teachers' College, and settled into a teaching career of 31 continuous years. He taught English, history and geography, but art became more and more his favourite subject. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art, and this qualified him to accept a CUSO Fine Arts teaching position in Uganda. He spent six very creative years there until an ugly dic- tatorship compelled him to return to Canada in 1974.